Bible Study

Wednesday November 15
7pm - Church Hall

Topic: The Archangel Gabriel

Why We Study Scripture:

This week’s Bible Study centers around the Archangel Gabriel and the Christmas Season ( you may be surprised!)   Even more so, expand your appreciation and wonder for God’s plan of salvation.   This week’s Bible Study will reveal something very special about the Christmas season which is approaching so quickly. Come and join us. We begin promptly at 7pm and will finish the study at 8pm.  Coffee, tea and refreshment are served.

By reading, understanding and studying the Bible, we hear God’s plan for us.

When we study, we look at 4 aspects:
1- the historical event
2- the meaning to the intended audience
3- the spiritual revelation
4- how it applies to us today.

Come out Wednesday at 7pm as we start a new reading.
Truthfully, can you think of anything more important to do?

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