Annual Parish Events


Lenten Fish Dinner - On the Friday closest to the Feast of the Annunciation, we host a Fish Dinner. The menu includes large portions of baked fish, fresh vegetables, homemade soup and pasta.

Easter Egg Hunt - With the celebration the Feast of Pascha our Sunday School hosts an Easter Egg Hunt on the Church grounds. All the children in attendance are invited to join in the festivities.

Mother’s & Father’s Day Breakfast - On the occasion of Mother’s Day, our parish men host a breakfast for our Mothers, Grandmothers and Godmothers. Likewise on Father’s Day, the women of the parish host a breakfast for the men.

Community Yard Sale - Items from parishioners homes are offered for sale and vendors and neighbors are invited to rent sales space in our parking lot. This event usually takes place in early June but varies according to weather and Church celebrations.

Children’s Summer Camp - We host the Camp Bus to Camp Nazareth each summer. A bus is chartered by the NJ Deanery and begins boarding after Liturgy on Sunday. A section of the parking lot is secured to ensure safe boarding and prolonged goodbye’s. The Bus returns the following Saturday evening. The date varies according to the Camp Nazareth NJ/NY/CT camping schedule.

Pirohi Sale - Throughout the fall and winter we make our homemade Pirohi (perogies). They are sold by the dozen but you have to place your order in advance. They are so good; we have to limit the orders! Ordering typically takes place beginning in September and continues through May.

Church Picnic -Following Labor Day, family, friends are invited to purchase our homemade, Halupki, Pirohi, Halushki, other variety of ethnic foods. Games for the children are held in the Church yard and a generally relaxing time good fellowship is enjoyed by all.

Dinners - In the fall and winter months our Altar Guild hosts dinners and carry-outs such as our famous Super –Bowl Hoagies, Homemade Soups and more.

Christmas Cookie Sale - In early Christmas Cookies of all varieties are offered for sale as well as Christmas craft items. This too is a sell-out event with customers lining up before the doors open.

Old Calendar New Year’s Eve - On a Sunday evening close to January 14th, we host a New Year’s Eve social which includes live entertainment, singing and dancing.

Performances - Throughout the year the parish hosts special events such as Church and Monastery Choirs and Dancers from Europe. On the Sunday following December 19th, the Sunday School children are visited by Saint Nicholas. On a Sunday between New & Old Calendar Christmas, a Yolka is presented by the parish youth.

Misc. Youth Activities - Pumpkin patch rides in the fall, blini making for Cheese Fair, ethnic song and dance lessons, opportunities for active participation in goodwill, Ice Skating in the Winter, and various field trips are just some of the other activities offered.

Keep informed by attending services at Saint John’s or through this website. Come and See!