St. John’s Russian Orthodox Church Cemetery is located just off Madison Hill Road in Clark NJ, inside the southwest corner of St. Mary’s Cemetery and adjacent to Hazel Wood Cemetery.
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The History of St. John’s Russian Orthodox Cemetery:
The early parishioners of our Church wanted a location near the Church to lay their loved ones to rest. Being the Church had no property on site for this purpose as some of the early Churches did; they looked a few miles down the road at nearby Hazel Wood Cemetery. Our Cemetery was formed through a series of cemetery lot purchases from Hazel Wood Cemetery beginning with the first on February. 29, 1916, $200 was paid for 5 Lots numbered 199 thru 203. Several more purchases were made over the years culminating with the final purchase on January 1, 1955.
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Cemetery plots are open for purchase by any Parishoner.  Please contact the Parish Office or speak with any of our staff for additional information, comments or questions.
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